Daris Yulianto


Innovation is an idea, thought, breakthrough in order to carry out renewal in the practice and implementation process of an institution or government, so that it has added value. An idea, thought, a breakthrough can be said as an innovation if it has elements of renewal, benefits, can be adopted/replicated, sustainable and does not conflict with the applicable laws and regulations. In 2014 the Ministry of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform issued a book on Indonesia's Top 99 Public Service Innovations. One of the books, RSUD Kota Yogyakarta entered and ranked 7th. The theme of Innovation that was raised was very interesting, namely Service Innovation in Prevention of Corruption in Yogyakarta City Hospital. Seeing this, the researchers were motivated to examine more about how the pattern and implementation of Service Innovation in Prevention of Corruption in Yogyakarta City Hospital. The pattern of service innovation in the prevention of corruption in the Yogyakarta City Public Hospital has a blend of individual motivation and organizational culture. The implementation of innovation activities is also driven by extrinsic factors which arise from outside the individual, such as the presence of managerial control in the form of policies that require innovation. Organizational Culture in Yogyakarta City Hospital shows that innovation is born with a bottom-up or top-down culture. In RSUD Kota Yogyakarta, innovation activities born from top-down can be seen from the ideas or ideas of the leadership or chairman of the institution. Bottom-up organizational culture, seen in the pre-innovation activities, is customer meeting activities involving many elements of hospital service users, such as patients or related institutions. Researcher's suggestion is to improve the development process, this is the key to preventing corruption, especially in the health sector, then familiarizing with the reporting model of activities that can create opportunities for corruption in the Yogyakarta City Hospital.


Keyword: Service Innovation; Corruption Prevention.

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