Rosalia Widiastuti Sri Lestari


Death becomes one of the cycles that must exist and occur in his life. There are many forms to arrive at the dead cycle; one of them is death caused by killing himself. With suicide it is expected that the problems encountered will be resolved. Gunung Kidul Regency is one of the regions with the highest suicide cases in Indonesia. Alleged as the cause of death due to suicide in Gunungkidul are: 1) traumatic events; 2) offspring; 3) lonely; 4) prolonged illness; 5) depression; 6) study issues; 7) household problems; 8) romance problems; and 9) relating to the spirit world (other/occult world). With the high number of suicides, the community must be made aware of: 1) That he is a creature of God and suicide is a crime, so efforts must be made to minimize the case; 2) No matter the condition of the offender in this case the age or severity of the offender's pain, he is still a citizen and national / regional asset. It should be protected and protected. Based on the data presented, it can be seen that the root causes of suicide are two things; namely physical and non-physical (transcendent) factors. The solution to the problem so far has been the Partial method, namely that each agency runs its own according to its institutional tasks. From the non-physical side, the solution has not been carried out optimally and systematically; still done insidentially. Completion of the partial model is considered inappropriate because it is not in one system. In this case, a comprehensive model in a whole system is needed; all agencies in their respective fields of expertise needed are in this system. The model, called the Crisis Center, includes physical fields that aim to prevent suicide physically and non-physical fields which deal with the spiritual side.


Keyword: Suicide; Crisis Centre; Gunung Kidul.

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