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The demands of developing service’s quality make the government also take some innovations as an effort for increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the provided public service. Yogyakarta City’s Government as one of the region which obtains many achievements for innovation from the ministry, which holds the event, has many strategies for improving various of innovations in public service as of being a role-model for the other regions’ government. The purpose of this research is to discover Yogyakarta City’s Government’s strategies in the course of improvising innovation in public service and what factors that influence the innovation of public service in Yogyakarta City Government’s environment. There are some strategies which should be done by Yogyakarta City’s Government in order to improve the innovation of public service. Strength-Opportunity (S-O) strategy, is incorporating with another party (stakeholder) for innovating; applying the public service in web application-based for every sectors and every levels even for the neighborhoods and hamlets; also increasing the capacity of human resource’s public service through some trainings. Weakness-Opportuinity (W-O) strategy, is committing a relation with another party which has an interest in innovation; the existence of Walikota Regulation about the innovation; the clarity of task and person in Public Service Innovation Sub Devition; and the reward as in achievement and promotion for OPD and Inovation Initiator. Weakness-Threats (W-T) strategy, is formed a special team in Public Service Innovation Sub Devition to handle the innovation on the whole; improving the relation with some parties to support the implementation of innovation. The factors which support the improvement of public service’s innovation in Yogyakarta City Government’s environment, are the extensive condition for innovating, innovation management which has been running through a separate unit, the activities of innovations which support the improvement of public service’s innovation, and the desire of putting the best thing for society through its efficiency and effectiveness of the government’s performance in Yogyakarta City. 


Keyword: Strategy; Innovation; Service.

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