Imsak Rochmadi


The construction of trading facilities is a very appropriate strategy to realize the economic independence of the community. Through trading facilities such as markets, it is easier for the public to access the buying and selling process of the products produced. In Gunungkidul Regency, traditional markets already exist in every village, especially in Gari Village, there is a market that specifically trades various traditional foods from the surrounding community. The development of the Argowijil Ecological Market is expected to be able to boost the community's economy so as to strengthen the economic resilience of the families of the Gari Village community. This type of research is descriptive quantitative research, which is a conscious and systematic effort to provide answers to a problem and/or obtain more in-depth and broad information on a phenomenon by using research stages with a quantitative approach. The results showed that the condition of family economic resilience in the Gari Village community who worked and traded at the Argowijil Ecological Market by using four macroeconomic variables, namely, income level, family savings, and total family assets were in the majority condition of weak family economic resilience, while for the variable level consumption in conditions of strong economic resilience. The reason is that the majority of families' income from working and trading in the Argowijil Ecological Market is allocated to meet consumption needs, not investment.

Keyword: Family Economic Resilience; Argowijil Ecological Market.

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